StepFun Sneakers

Sneaker is required for players to engage in StepFun's running activities.

Sneaker Stats

  1. Efficiency In Solo Mode, Efficiency plays an important role in GOLD earnings. The higher the efficiency, the more GOLD rewards.

  2. Luck Mystery Box's appearance frequency and quality during the run will be determined by Luck

  3. Comfort Increase STF reward when Sneaker reaches level 30

  4. Resilience After each run, the durability of the Sneaker will decrease. The Resilience stat affects the Sneaker's repair cost, the higher this stat, the lower the speed and durability.


The Sneaker has maximum Durability of 100

The Durability of the Sneaker will decrease after each uses

The higher the Resilience stat, the cheaper it is to fix Sneaker

The rarer the Sneaker, the higher the expense of repair

The lower the Durability, the lower the reward rate



100 %







Sneaker Types

There are three Sneaker types, each designed to suit a different exercise intensity and/or fitness level:

Sneaker TypeOptimail Pace (Km/h)Base Return at Optimal Speed



4 GOLD / 1 Energy spent



6 GOLD / 1 Energy spent



4 - 6.5 GOLD / 1 Energy spent

Sneaker Rarity

Each type of Sneaker will have 5 rarities:

  1. Common

  2. Uncommon

  3. Rare

  4. Epic

  5. Legendary

Level Up

New Sneakers will have a default level of 0. When the Sneaker reaches level 30, the player can choose the reward as GOLD or STF.

Your sneakers will be rewarded with points to increase their stats when leveling up according to the following reward mechanism: Users can add 1 of 4 stats to their Sneaker (Efficiency, Luck, Comfort, Resilience), this cannot be changed in the future. Different level up base point depends on the rarity of the Sneaker, as follow:

RarityLevel Up Basse Point











There are 2 ways to level up:

  1. Players move by walking, jogging, or running outdoors to gain Experience, and accumulate enough Experience to level up. For every 1 Energy spent accumulate 2 Experiences into Sneakers.

  2. Players can spend money to buy levels without Experience

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