Energy Systems

Energy is a necessary condition to move and earn

When owning the first Sneaker, the player will get Default Energy = 2. The player can get more Energy by having more Sneakers, Max Energy = 20.

There are 4 Energy recovery milestones daily, and the start time is 0:00 UTC. Every 6 hours, Energy is restored by 25% until max Energy is reached.

Within 1 Energy, the user has 5 minutes to move and earn.

There are 2 ways to increase Energy:

Base energy based on the number of Sneakers the player owns

Bonus energy based on the rarity of the sneaker that the player owns

Additional Energy (cumulative) is given to users for higher Quality Sneakers:

Formula for each player's Energy:

Total Energy = Base Energy + Additional Energy

(Condition: 2 ≤ Total Energy ≤ 20)

Example 1:

1 Uncommon Sneaker + 1 Common Sneaker = 3 Total Energy (2 Base Energy + 1 Bonus)

Example 2:

2 Epic Sneaker + 1 Uncommon Sneaker = 11 Total Energy (4 Base Energy + 7 Bonus)

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