Game Modes

StepFun has 5 Game Modes

Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, players need to equip a pair of Sneakers, players can start to get rewards easily by moving, and you will need Energy for your Move-to-earn journey. Energy is necessary to earn Tokens (GOLD/STF). Every 1 Energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of your moving.

To begin, the player selects a Sneaker and presses Start

Factors affecting earning in Solo Mode:

  1. Always ensure that you have enough Energy before moving, as there will be no earnings if you don't have any.

  2. Sneaker’s Efficiency Attribute - The higher the Efficiency, the more GOLD earned per minute. Users can ONLY earn GOLD from Level 0 to Level 29. At Level 30, users can choose to stay earning GOLD or switch to earning STF. Users can switch between these two earning modes freely.

  3. Sneaker type: Each Sneaker will help you obtain a different amount of STEPFUN. You can read more about the individual breakdown of each Sneaker in StepFun Sneakers

  4. Speed of movement: To get the most rewards, users should move at the ideal speed of their . Your profit will drop by if you slip outside of this range

Team Mode (Under Development)

Players can invite or join the move with friends, family or new friends through the invite link, this mode helps to connect people to create fun in practice.

Marathon Mode (Under Development)

In Marathon Mode, users need to register at least 24 hours before starting.

Throughout the year, there will be major seasonal tournaments as well as major annual events. A leaderboard will record player achievements and active rewards. The more tokens you receive, and the more popular you are in the community, the higher your rank.

To ensure commitment from users, a fee is imposed upon registration, which will be refunded upon completion of the Marathon. Participants who are unable to complete the Marathon within the time frame will have their fees pooled together and included in the Leaderboard rewards.

Workout (Under Development)

In addition to daily tasks such as running, burning tokens, and opening boxes, we will give you special challenges. Accompanying those challenges are gifts of extremely high value that you will not expect.

Club & Team Tournaments (Under Development)

Users pay a fee to open a club, then the club grows with more members, a club of up to 50 people. The club's ranking points are based on the members' daily tasks, if the members move together, the plus points will be higher, and a ranking will be arranged in the order of the clubs' points.

We allow players to freely build their community. The creation of clubs is where small communities are born, it is these clubs that will be the right place to provide information and knowledge for new entrants. And to increase the competition between clubs, we will hold an annual club competition to choose the top club that has size, organization, and sports spirit, teamwork.

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