Mint BOX

From a pair of Sneakers, players can mint a BOX Sneakers

Mint box allows players to create a new Sneaker box from one of their original The Sneaker. This event helps players collect and enrich their shoe inventory.

Each Sneaker has 6 mint slots (For Legendary Sneakers there are 2 mint slots)

To get the new BOX, players must ensure to own 1 Sneaker and still have mint slot.

Out of mint slot can't mint BOX

To avoid inflation and balance for players, we set a timeout for the next mint

It takes a total of 36 days to make 6 Sneakers from 1 original Sneaker

The rarity rate of the new Sneaker BOX depends on the rarity of the original Sneaker

Original Sneaker: Common

Original Sneaker: Uncommon

Original Sneakers: Rare

Original Sneaker: Epic

Original Sneaker: Legendary

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